EARTHTONES Landscaping services:

Installation Services:

 After a design concept, plan and project budget is established and agreed upon and the job is contracted the installation process begins. This generally involves clearing the existing space and removing any old unwanted plants, trees, lawn, hardscape features, debris, etc. Installation of the new landscape then begins starting with the hardscape features such as base rock and pavers, flag stone, concrete, boulders, retaining walls, etc., gopher wire, lighting and irrigation followed lastly by installation of plants, trees, ground covers and bark/gravel products. EARTHTONES is a small artisan business and owner Chris Pappada will be there on site hands on working on and crafting every project. 

Here is what we DO install:

* Plants: Drought tolerant shrubs, trees, perrenials, grasses, ground covers, cactus, palm trees & succulents

* Soil amendments and improvements for all plantings and/or planting areas

* Various Bark and gravel ground covers with landscape fabric and/or gopher wire where needed

* Patios & pathways: Flagstone/slate natural and square cut, pavers, concrete/stamped concrete,     decomposed granite, gravel, wood platform decks

* Steps: Solid wood, wood frame filled w/ gravel or DG, concrete steps and paver steps

* Retaining walls: Wood, concrete, ledge stone & ledge stone veneer on concrete, concrete blocks & natural   stone walls up to 3 ft. tall. 

* Landscape edging: Stone, metal, wood or composite

* Wood or composite decks up to 2 ft. high, pergolas, arbors and fencing up to code heights

* Drip irrigation systems: Automated controllers, valves, drip lines, emitters, tech-line, sprinklers

* Drainage: French drains & standard landscape drainage

* Lighting: Low voltage outdoor LED lighting systems

* Boulders: Landscape boulders, stones and basalt columns all sizes up to 2,500 lbs.

* Seating & benches: Stone, wood, metal or concrete benches and seating. Outdoor furniture sets

* Fire pits

* Planters/containers: Composite, ceramic, concrete or metal planters & custom built wood planters

* Water features, fountains and stone, wood or metal artistic sculptures 

Here is what we DON'T install:

* High water usage plants

* Large lawn areas

* 2nd story decks attached to a structure or decks over 2 ft. from grade

* Driveways or vehicle parking lots

* Ponds or large waterfalls

* Fencing higher than code permits 

* We do not offer weekly landscape maintenance or lawn care services but we do offer occasional

   seasonal maintenance & check ups on landscapes that we install 

If you have any other questions about anything on or not on this list please email or call 415-793-2274 or email

Owner Chris with Agave planted at a job a few years ago


Modern succulent planter

Landscape design examples:

Irrigation valve

Colorful Pacifica xeriscape

Project plant order

Outdoor lighting transformer

Design Services: 

EARTHTONES works with clients to create outdoor spaces and landscapes that suit their needs. Whether it is installing a new patio with outdoor lighting surrounded by lush plantings in the back yard or replacing your high maintenance/negelcted front yard lawn with an eye catching low-maintenance drought tolerant landscape, etc. I have worked with many clients over the years all with different tastes, budgets, ideas and needs for their landscaping and I always do my best to create the best possible landscape utilizing their ideas/inspiration and my professional knowledge and design ideas to create something unique.

EARTHTONES offers one free initial consultation where I will meet with you, take a look at your existing outdoor space and discuss your ideas for the space and let you know my thoughts as far as designing a new landscape or improving an existing landscape. I then provide a free project cost estimate based off our consultation. After the initial consultation we bill for landscape design plans and/or time spent on developing landscape designs and ideas.

For smaller jobs and clients not needing scaled blueprints and conceptual design work I am able to provide plant lists, inspirational/style example photos, material samples and material lists  included in the overall job installation cost once a job contract is signed. Drafting CAD or hand drawn blueprints or sections and creating digital design images will be billed separately and is not included in the job installation cost. I can discuss design and estimated installation costs during our consultation.